SCWCD-14 04/20/2008

Which of the following implicit objects is not available to a JSP page by default?

(Select one)

a application

b session

c exception

d config

Answer: c


Which of the following is a correct way to pass a parameter equivalent to the

query string user=mary at request time to an included component? (Select one)

a <jsp:include page="other.jsp" >

<jsp:param paramName="user" paramValue="mary" />


b <jsp:include page="other.jsp" >

<jsp:param name="mary" value="user" />


c <jsp:include page="other.jsp" >

<jsp:param value="mary" name="user" />


d <jsp:include page="other.jsp" >

<jsp:param param="user" value="mary"/>


e <jsp:include page="other.jsp" >

<jsp:param user="mary" />


Answer: c


Which of the following variables is not available for use in EL expressions?

a param

b cookie

c header

d pageContext

e contextScope

Answer: e


Which of the following are valid uses of the <jsp:useBean> action? (Select two)

a <jsp:useBean id="address" class="AddressBean" name="address" />

b <jsp:useBean id="address" class="AddressBean"

type="AddressBean" />

c <jsp:useBean id="address" beanName="AddressBean"

class="AddressBean" />

d <jsp:useBean id="address" beanName="AddressBean"

type="AddressBean" />

Answers: b and d


Which of the following is a valid taglib directive? (Select one)

a <% taglib uri="/stats" prefix="stats" %>

b <%@ taglib uri="/stats" prefix="stats" %>

c <%! taglib uri="/stats" prefix="stats" %>

d <%@ taglib name="/stats" prefix="stats" %>

e <%@ taglib name="/stats" value="stats" %>

Answer: b


Consider the following code in a JSP page:

<% String message = "Hello "; %>


How are you?

<% message = message + "World! " %>


<%= message %>

If doStartTag() returns EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED and doAfterBody() clears

the buffer by calling bodyContent.clearBody(), what will be the output of

the above code? (Select one)

a Hello

b Hello How are you?

c Hello How are you? World!

d Hello World!

e How are you World!

Answer: d


Consider the following TLD excerpt:











If the name of the tag is tagname and its prefix is pre, which of the following JSP

statements is valid?
a <pre:tagname color="yellow" size=${sizenum} />

b <pre:tagname size="18" color="red"> </pre:tagname>

c <pre:tagname color="${colorname}" size="22" font="verdana"></


d <pre:tagname color="green" size="30">font="Times New Roman"</


e <pre:tagname color="${colorname}" size="18"></pre>

Answer: c


Which of the following are the benefits of using the Transfer Object design pattern?

(Select two)

a It improves the response time for data access.

b It improves the efficiency of object operations.

c It reduces the network traffic.

d It reduces the coupling between the data access module and the database.

Answers: a and c



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Good collection ... few are tricky questions...
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