What are important ApplicationContext implementations in spring framework?

ClassPathXmlApplicationContext – This context loads a context definition from an XML file located in the class path, treating context definition files as class path resources.
FileSystemXmlApplicationContext – This context loads a context definition from an XML file in the filesystem.
XmlWebApplicationContext – This context loads the context definitions from an XML file contained within a web application.

Explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework?

1. The spring container finds the bean’s definition from the XML file and instantiates the bean.

2. Using the dependency injection, spring populates all of the properties as specified in the bean definition.

3. If the bean implements the BeanNameAware interface, the factory calls setBeanName() passing the bean’s ID.

4. If the bean implements the BeanFactoryAware interface, the factory calls setBeanFactory(), passing an instance of itself.

5. If there are any BeanPostProcessors associated with the bean, their post- ProcessBeforeInitialization() methods will be called.

6. If an init-method is specified for the bean, it will be called.

7. Finally, if there are any BeanPostProcessors associated with the bean, their postProcessAfterInitialization() methods will be called.


What is bean wiring?

Combining together beans within the Spring container is known as bean wiring or wiring. When wiring beans, you should tell the container what beans are needed and how the container should use dependency injection to tie them together.


How do add a bean in spring application?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <!DOCTYPE beans PUBLIC "-//SPRING//DTD BEAN//EN" "http://www.springframework.org/dtd/spring-beans.dtd">
          <bean id="foo" class="com.act.Foo"/>
            <bean id="bar" class="com.act.Bar"/>

In the bean tag the id attribute specifies the bean name and the class attribute specifies the fully qualified class name.


What are singleton beans and how can you create prototype beans?

Beans defined in spring framework are singleton beans. There is an attribute in bean tag named ‘singleton’ if specified true then bean becomes singleton and if set to false then the bean becomes a prototype bean. By default it is set to true. So, all the beans in spring framework are by default singleton beans.

         <bean id="bar" class="com.act.Foo" singleton=”false”/>



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