Spring-8 05/15/2008

What are the different points where weaving can be applied?

·         Compile Time

·         Classload Time

·         Runtime


What are the different advice types in spring?

·         Around : Intercepts the calls to the target method

·         Before : This is called before the target method is invoked

·         After : This is called after the target method is returned

·         Throws : This is called when the target method throws and exception


·         Around : org.aopalliance.intercept.MethodInterceptor

·         Before : org.springframework.aop.BeforeAdvice

·         After : org.springframework.aop.AfterReturningAdvice

·         Throws : org.springframework.aop.ThrowsAdvice


What are the different types of AutoProxying?

·         BeanNameAutoProxyCreator

·         DefaultAdvisorAutoProxyCreator

·         Metadata autoproxying

What is the Exception class related to all the exceptions that are thrown in spring applications?

DataAccessException - org.springframework.dao.DataAccessException



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