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What is daemon thread and which method is used to create the daemon thread?

Daemon thread is a low priority thread which runs intermittently in the back ground doing the garbage collection operation for the java runtime system. setDaemon method is used to create a daemon thread.

When you will synchronize a piece of your code?

When you expect your code will be accessed by different threads and these threads may change a particular data causing data corruption.
What is synchronization?
Synchronization is the mechanism that ensures that only one thread is accessed the resources at a time.

What is the class and interface in java to create thread and which is the most advantageous method?

Thread class and Runnable interface can be used to create threads and using Runnable interface is the most advantageous method to create threads because we need not extend thread class here.

What are the methods for inter-thread communication and what is the class in which these methods are defined?

wait (), notify () and notifyAll() methods can be used for inter-thread communication and these methods are in Object class.
wait() : When a thread executes a call to wait() method, it surrenders the object lock and enters into a waiting state.
notify() or notifyAll() : To remove a thread from the waiting state, some other thread must make a call to notify() or notifyAll() method on the same object.



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