Jsp17 07/10/2008

What is a translation unit?

JSP page can include the contents of other HTML pages or other JSP files.
This is done by using the include directive. When the JSP engine is
presented with such a JSP page it is converted to one servlet class and
this is called a translation unit, Things to remember in a translation
unit is that page directives affect the whole unit, one variable declaration
cannot occur in the same unit more than once, the standard action
jsp:useBean cannot declare the same bean twice in one unit.

How is JSP used in the MVC model?

JSP is usually used for presentation in the MVC pattern (Model View Controller )
i.e. it plays the role of the view. The controller deals with calling the model
and the business classes which in turn get the data, this data is then
presented to the JSP for rendering on to the client.

What are context initialization parameters?

Context initialization parameters are specified by the in the
web.xml file, these are initialization parameter for the whole application and
not specific to any servlet or JSP.

Is JSP technology extensible?

Yes, it is. JSP technology is extensible through the development of custom
actions, or tags, which are encapsulated in tag libraries



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